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Many people with the Crowe surname are found in Cork. From the limited information it would seem that most were transient. Even apparently established families disappear by the Census of 1901. The men often disappeared (abroad?) and many of the women here married soldiers with the many English Army units based in Cork soaking up large numbers of Irishmen. Not just the known Irish regiments but right across all units. The struggle for Independence of Ireland often masks the Irish contribution in all wars, including the Second World War after separation.

The Working Models (WM)

The images on these pages are Working Models, using blocks of family data and probable links (angle bars) and possible links (arrows) but they are up for scrutiny. If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Numbers are years in the1800s from BMD records. Census 1901 green and 1911 red.

Locations at the bottom, sponsors names in red italics – possible family connections.

County Kerry

A desert of Crowes? The opposite of a lot of Crowes together, called a 'murder'! :)

They seem to congregate around the parish of Beaufort and must be connected in some way to the scenario described in the Co. Cork scenario of later years, of the RIC policemen located here, along with my GGfather who was 'Station Master' at the next parish. His brother was also a policeman.


Surnames: Cronin, Danagher, Doyle, Griffith, Gruhan, Shea, Sweeny


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