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Working Models

The images on these pages are Working Models, using blocks of family data and probable links (angle bars) and possible links (arrows) but they are up for scrutiny. If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Numbers are years in the1800s from BMD records. Census 1901 green and 1911 red.

Locations at the bottom, sponsors names in red italics – possible family connections.

Knockavilla, Tipperary, IRL   (GPS:  52.545477  -8.013822 )

Here we have a double - two Ryan brothers marrying two Crowe women!

The Ryans are difficult to research because they are the most populous name in the area. I have two contacts for Ryan and they both limit themselves to small areas of interest for obvious reasons!

The Heffernans too were an important name in Tipperary and the Crowes in this region have several links to Heffernan.

knockavilla 2

Cleary, Dalton, Donnell, Heffernan, Molony, Ricte, Roach, Ryan, Todd

The three Hs, Heffernan, Hammersley and Hennessy


Dwyer, Hammersley, Hennessy

Three groups on this sheet. The second most common name in this area after Ryan is Dwyer.

knockavilla 4

Bourke, Bryan, Corcoran, Cushin, Danton / Dalton, Davern, Donnell, Dwyer, Finane, Hammersley, Hannihan, Hennesey, Hicky, Hunt, Kennedy, Lonigan, Morrisey, Murphy, Quigly, Ryan, Slattery, Tierney,

This one features TIpperary Tim to which we need to add some kind of biography. The original biography I read gave a family tree and it was so full of holes it took an age to research it properly. Even now several researchers are unsure how this tree might attach to others and highlights the need to find descendants for DNA testing. Of course it is also true the man was elusive and embelished many a story. However, we do know he was an accomplished athlete (medals on display in Thurles, Tipperary) and musician and would cycle tens of miles to reach far flung hurling games, even in the next county.

Tipperary Tim

Breen / Brien, Carroll, Carew, Cullen, Davern, Dinan, Dwyer, Hannon, Hicky, Landers, Mulally, Murphy, Quin, Ryan, Sheehan, Slattery,


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