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The Crowe name starts in County Clare, midway along its border with Galway. It makes sense that some migrants could go north into Galway

The Working Models (WM)

The images on these pages are Working Models, using blocks of family data and probable links (angle bars) and possible links (arrows) but they are up for scrutiny. If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Numbers are years in the1800s from BMD records. Census 1901 green and 1911 red.

Locations at the bottom, sponsors names in red italics – possible family connections.

Galway RC Parishes map

This is a hand drawn map I use for working on locations for records. For personal use you can copy this map, The orange dots denote parishes where Crowe documents have been found, so far.


One of the names here that becomes muddled here is Cruise and it can be confused in either direction.

Anthony is a rare combination with Crowe, here there seem to be some clear links and to USA migration?


Surnames on this page: Fleming, Fynn, Leachie (Leechy or Lochy?) Morgan, Ward

Ballindooly - Castlegar     once the outskirts of the old Galway City -the city is now huge in area by comparison.

I think of this name as typically Irish, out of some historical novel?

Only two links but many associations possible, shown by arrows. Not all these links are shown - it gets messy :)


Surnames: Cain / Keane, Cady / Cody, Cassidy, Duggan, Fahy, Fallon, Farragher, Francis

Castlegar too and another Anthony

Barana and variant spellings are numerous here and in other records.


Surnames: Fleming (also found on sheet above), Glynn, Hogan, Malby, Mullowny, Quinn, Skerret, Walsh and other names from the sheet above?

Galway City as it was in the1800s

TheCountyTown and important port.The data here is on two sheets which is unusual because connections in citiesare harder to make because there are more people in greater density. Plus they can also be more transient due to the variety of work / jobs possible. Maybe the size and location mean it was a more stable population, established over longer time? Cork and Dublin grew enormously with the famine and international trade.


Surnames: Collins /Colleran, Conner, Hannon, Holeran, Hughes, Molloy


Surnames: Broderick, Forde, Lally, McDonagh, Small

Killian Parish with Crowe Village

In many parts of Ireland you will find parish names mixed with surnames.The nearest I can get to the reality of Crowe Village is a set of a few houses in the approximate area. Of course in those days many of the houses were made of earth and some rock where possible but nothing long lasting. In Tipperary there were so many Crowes in one cluster of townlands they tried to establish their own parish! It never happened but then further migration emptied these places back to fields and moor.


Surnames: Creaghan, Cusack, Hinde, Nolan, Regan

Dunmore Parish

Michael of Michael, and another Michael


Surnames: Burke, Canny, Corcoran, Kinnane, Murphy, Noone, Patton, Rowley

Annaghdown Parish

Another parish with many Crowes, lead this time by a possible John Crowe and James Crowe?

Barana and Baranny  is a name found on other Galway sheets too.


Surnames: Bane, Burke, Casey, Caulfield, Duggan, Hynes, Quinn / Winn


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