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Philip Crowe has made a Facebook page for anyone interested in Crowes in Tipperary and associated names. It is necessary to join,a simple and cost free process - they will be glad to meet you!:)

Philip Crowe website. On the website there is a potted history of the origins of the Crowes in Clare, the west of Ireland and some of their migration to Tipperary and beyond. Philip is also very knowledgableabout the clans and historical sources before1800 if you have any questions?

Irelands Records

The National Government of Ireland has taken the progressive step to allow its records to be examined and searched, mostly for free, understanding the cultural and tourist value attached to visitors travelling to Ireland and staying connected to their roots.

National Library of Ireland (Free)

All the images of the parish registers of the catholic church are stored here. Unsearchable but there is a search for finding parishes with an interactive map. Page images are downloadable to act as certificates and further study.

Irish Government Genealogy Website (Free)

From 1863 all BMD records should have been state registered – but of course they were not. Nevertheless there is a searchable database with images of the certificates to download for free. Some areas from 1845 on..

Irish Census Records 1901 and 1911 (Free)

The fragments of earlier censuses do exist but are very limited. Check them out in case you are lucky?


The searchable RC Parish Records for the 1800s are located in this paying site. When it first started as 1837 online, I had a free subscription and then a paid subscription when these records were released. However, that means they are now behind closed doors but are free for non-paying members who have continued with them. I find this difficult, due to the other records being free to all and when you see the large numbers of errors on this site that subscription members have helped to correct.... I can only lament that most would-be users are not going to pay subscription fees for the few records they need. I also seriously wonder if the number of errors mean that people are not finding the crucial records they need?

Ireland XO

Aimed at connecting the now with the past. Two main features -

Post your Irish relatives into your parish or county, add photos and bio of people who left Ireland. Post stories and also information about a parish or special buildings like workhouses. In essence, recreating the past. Join the forums for each county and parish for chat and information.

Local parish knowledge and possible 'ambassadors' – volunteers, to greet you in the parish and help to orient visitors. The site is initiated by the Irish Government to promote tourism but also to enrich that visit. Too many visitors were left to wander about and their experience in Ireland varied according to luck. The site hopes to improve that situation and keep Irish heritage alive across the world.

Police Records

Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) pre-separation, 1921, are based in the UK National Archives of Kew Gardens, London. The indexes are available in the NA website (huge and may be difficult to navigate). They are also available behind a paywall of Find My Past. The indexes are free if you have a free account with FMP or possibly take a trial membership. You need to use the indexes to get the crucial Service Number as it is the only key to accessing the individual records when visiting Kew (readers ticket also needed - see site for details).

The RIC records for northern counties may be available in the PRONI in Belfast - check the website for details.

There is the Police History Museum, which might have details of policemen since the partition. I have been partly successful in getting some records here but it is not absolute?


Irelands amazing culture and folklore. Brilliant compilation of stories written, without guidance, by every child in school in the 1930s about Irish life as they saw it, is amongst the most interesting features of this site.

Bureau of Military History

A useful resource and growing. Its main benefit to me was a collection of reports given in a kind of "truth commission” giving submissions of evidence / information by freedom fighters to qualify for military pensions. These reports are searchable for surnames and other data within. The reports were often limited truths - enough to prove activities for freedom fighters but to protect people still alive. However, their content is unique and brings the times they lived in to life.

Irish / Gaelic – English dictionary

Why not learn a few words? Learn the place names of Ireland through the language? What words in the English language come from Gaelic?

Irish Genealogical Projects Archive (IGPA)

Donations of collected data by transcribers and researchers. Eclectic but searchable for surnames and counties - worth a look, I found some Church of Ireland parish register information here for instance.


Cassini maps

S Wilson website maps

I think this has the source maps for the Irish Census 1901 and 1911. They are not easily recognised against a standard map but it may help locate them. If you can not find them here - contact me for copies?

Townland maps

Use ancient OS maps with townland overlays. Use in conjunction with the useful but not complete Townlands website – why is there no facility to contribute? Also, for locations.

Geneaogrphy - that is the correct spelling!

A compendium of websites including above. A really good resource for all kinds of location references - saves me writing one! :)

Can you suggest other websites?

I have more to come but these are under review at present, let me know if you find them useful?

Amy Johnson Crow

General site with some good solid information and podcasts - plus the WANDER method explained in more detail. Also has information for researchers of the USA's southern states for migrant research.

Irish Workhouses

Locations of Workhouses can be found on IrelandXO (above)

Like any others, and possibly worse - if that were possible, were the Irish versions. Filled with good intentions, English reformers forced the government to establish schemes for the poor and sick. Records here are few and far between and limited in information but nevertheless they have information. Read about them in a short informative article - Irish Workhouse Story There is a link there to the English workhouse site too for greater info on the history of this system in England.


Amazing array of surnames listed here. The links to Crowe and various derivations in Ireland is often attributed to English origins – there is not DNA evidence to suggest this, nor any standard genealogical explanations or proof – if you think differently, let me know!???


This site aims to be complimentary to other sites with similar aims.

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