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Welcome to everyone, whether you are Crowe related or just interested.

This is a one-name study for the name Crowe and some name variations in Ireland, their diaspora across the globe and many linked family names.

You will find lots of extra information to help too!

Myself and others connected to Crowe research can offer help and guidance where needed.

The site has three main projects to help your interest in the Crowe names.

Trees of historical Crowe families in Ireland

Celtic trees

Crowe Links – Making Bridges across the world

Celtic trees

Personal Tree and links

Celtic trees

In order to help these aims I want you to provide information for this website. You may already have a tree or trees with Crowe connections and those 'bridging' characters that left Ireland in search of a better life. This can be added to other information to make super trees that everyone can use to fast track their research.

The site will evolve and it will respond according to your comments and advice. Please enjoy the site and all constructive feedback is encouraged and welcomed. The authors name is Seamus Crowe. If you have any questions, donations or constructive criticisms, please let me know? To contact is my names - as all one word in lower case, at, protonmail, dot, com


This site aims to be complimentary to other sites with similar aims.

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