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What Variations are There?

The following information (with a chart at the foot of the page) comes mainly from the examination of the Roman Catholic registers of Ireland

I have investigated several suggested alternatives of my surname and below is what I have found back in 2017 witjh some additions but may at least act as a guide to the variations and likely frequencies in the baptismal records.

CroUGH Variations across Ireland

Roman Catholic Baptisms before 1800.

The CroUGH name only occurs once in the Irish Roman Catholic Baptisms in the 1700s. All the other entries, about 57, are for

CroW distribution: Limerick (18), Dublin (16) Cork (9). Kilkenny (4), Wexford (5), Waterford (2), Meath (2), Kildare (2) and Tipperary (2).

CroWE distribution: Limerick (1), Dublin (2)

CroUGH distribution: Tipperary (1)

Roman Catholic Baptisms after 1800.

Crowe Variations

Crowe About 1600 records

CroweN: Mainly Cork (18) then odd ones in Dublin, Louth, Offaly, Wexford and Kildare

CroweR: One each in Limerick, Clare, Galway, Roscommon, Offaly, Wexford

CroweS: Cork 2, Limerick 2.Tipperary 1, Wexford 1

It is my assumption that the variations here, so few in number, are spelling mistakes or penmanship and flourishes of the author. Each record still needs to be examined.

CrUISE: A real problem in Galway records due to lazy handwriting and difficult transcription

CrEWE: 10 entries, none from the 1700s and no family groups. Assumed to be badly written Crowe – should be checked

Crow Variations

Crow: About 980 records

CrAW: 173 entries, two pairs and 7 individuals from the 1700s.

22 family groups.

This is a viable group but careful examination of county distribution and comparison with other surnames is needed.

CrEW: 89 entries, 2 entries from the 1700s. 5 family groups

Need to examine all the images for clarity between Crow and Crew.

CroN: 54 entries, 5 from the 1700s, one family group.Update: Many found in Clare -real problem in those records.

I have examples of about 25 Crone surnames. Most are isolated but around a dozen belong in one family group.

CrowN: 256 entries, only looked at the 38 Limerick and Tipperary results at present.

These entries have many mistakes but are not clear. 15 of the results have been included because they are not associated with other CrowN results and clearly fit into Crowe families, three of them significantly with my own family. (not to be confused with CroweN)

CroUGH Variations

CroUGH: 292 entries, the vast majority in Tipperary and also found in Limerick's border with Tipperary

There is no doubt that this spelling mingles with Crowe even amongst a given family, let alone in my tree. I have found it in more celebrated trees too. In fact I could not find the Crowes on the scrap of paper that formed my heirloom tree, written by my grandfather. His tree was almost all first names – now I know why. My grandmother said there could be variations in the name, so I was aware.

CroAGH: 274 entries, 9 from the 1700s, 39 families from 1800 onwards

Numerous group, presumably a variation of Crough due to calligraphy / pronounciation

CroAK: 336 entries and 34 from the 1700s and 4 family groups, 59 family groups post 1800.

One entry is definitely from another name group. Croak is found in my own family - two parents and 7 kids with 4 name variations between them! I also found an ‘unfindable’ marriage from this variation. A sizeable group, standing in its own right on occasions, Could also be connected to Crook or Crock??

Other Variations

CroGH: 13 entries, 6 from the 1700s and no families I have seen this form and with a K for the C associated with Crowe in Norfolk, England.

A small number but needs to be checked for possible Crough.

CrAGH: 142 entries (some duplicated), 21 in the 1700s and 15 family groups

May be straying into another name group such as Craig or Cray but checking distribution and comparison with Crough / Crowe / Crow groups may help.

CrAIGH: As above for CrAGH

CrAUGH: 6 entries, none from the 1700s, all different and from 6 different places. All are mistakes that belong somewhere else?

CrEAGH: 637 entries, 130 from the 1700s and 26 families in that group, another 82 families in the post 1800 era.

Clearly, a name to be reckoned with. As above - is this another name group related to Cray or Craig,So far,very unlikely to be Crowe.


All in the northeast of Ireland and the UK, not an Irish variation.One isolated Denis Crowie in Nenagh in 1914 who applied for a dog licence! He would be in myline of Crowes, wouldn't he?:)


Clearly a lot of comparison work is still to be done but it shows how difficult it is to search for a single name and get a result. It also show why I have had to take a dragnet approach to name research in the hope of sifting a few key individuals.

More research needed!..............

For years now I have been searching using Cro* and ticking the name variation box too as a start.

Below is a summary of my research in 2017

Name variations along the top.

All the non-Crow or Non-Crowe are summed in the most left-hand column (yellow)

A Sum for all the Crowe, Crow, Crough and Croagh variations is under Cro x4.

Original County Clare and the later source of most of the Crowes, Tipperary and its adjacent Limerick border parishes - highlighted in blue

I am quite sure the numbers will be slightly different because of the number of corrections submitted since this table was made but this gives a good summary of the situation in the RC ParishRecords in the early to mid 1800s

name variations with locations


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