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The images on these pages are Working Models in various stages of completion. they are formed from my own data. They may have flaws and omissions etc but they are out to a wider audience for scrutiny.

If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Sologhead, Tipperary, IRL   (GPS:  52.511053  -8.21265 )

Sologhead has a lot of Crowes associated with this parish, over a hundred family groups in the 1800s. Like Clonoulty there are so many it is difficult to find the raltionships between them. It is geographically close to Cappaghwhite with its own concentration of Crowe families and there appears to be mobility of families in htis area, adding to the complications.

The other notable feature of this parish from a Crowe perspective is the Crowe family involved in the Sologhead Ambush came from this area. A dramatised version of the event is included in the start of the film, "The Hand that Rocked the Barley".  The truth, as always, is much more gritty, some of the Crowes involved were of school age. This is the event that helped convince the British Government they might deal with rebels in Dublin but did not have the manpower nor funds, after the First World War, to sustain resistance to a guerilla war in the counties of Ireland. The gelignite stolen was kept for two years before it was finally used for sabotage. As a family historian it was nice to know those small things that we can contribute to accounts on Wikipedia and the Dubliner walking Guides version of the troubles.

Bottom centre is a mention of the Railway Crowes. The story goes,"If you meet a Crowe and he works on the Railway, he's one of ours". Well I have two family groups to research some more at Irish Railway Records Society the next time I can go to Heuston Station, Dublin. Every chance they are related as I have a photo of the two groups together.


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