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Working Models

The images on these pages are Working Models in various stages of completion. they are formed from my own data. They may have flaws and omissions etc but they are out to a wider audience for scrutiny.

If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Golden and Kilfeakle, Tipperary, IRL   (GPS:  52.497326  -7.981893 )

This is abusy chart with interconnecting interests.

First is the presence of Macincrowe in Tipperary records - there are acoupleofothers-one of the precursor names for Crowe from it root Concrada

Second is a possible second marriage -Andrew Crowe is not a common combination in records.

Third,in both groups their are sibling names as sponsors (red) or a common surname such as Peters.


Bourke, Brien, Brohane, Burke, Burns, Cavannagh, Condon, Connors, Cronin, Cummins, Dalton, Davern, Donnell, Dwyer, Hicky, horan, Keating, Lonergan, Looby, Madden, Molony, Morrissey, Mulally, Navan, Peters, Ryan, Slattery, Sullivan, Thompson, Wall

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