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Working Models

The images on these pages are Working Models in various stages of completion. they are formed from my own data. They may have flaws and omissions etc but they are out to a wider audience for scrutiny.

If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Clonoulty, Tipperary, IRL   (GPS:  52.608131  -7.959707 )

The first  chart is well documented by three serious researchers and several people whohave a vested interest in this tree. Their tree(s) are far more extensive than this and you should contact me for the details of thepeople concerned if you are interested inthe contents?

I also have a personal interest in this tree because I believe the people here are closely related to my own tree.

Walter Crowe = Judith Costello

clonoulty 11

Armstrong, Boland, Bradshaw, Byrne, Casey, Carew, Childe, Costello, Dwyer, Gaynor, Hayes, Keefe, Kennedy, Mason, Murphy, McNulty, Quinlan, Rourke, Vaughan,

Michael Crowe possible father to Hyacinth


Ahern, Armstron, Dwyer, Kelly, Kenedy, Maher, McCarthy, McNally, Ryan, Slattery, Vinn, White

This tree below is an example of a working model in action. records were found amongst the hundreds for this parish and they seem to work like this.

clonoulty slide 1

Bourke, Brennan, Brien, Brown, Butler, Carroll, Cody, Comford, Connors, Duggan, Dwyer, Fleet, Fraher, Garvin, Gleeson, Grieg, Hacket, Kennedy, Lonergan, Looby, Malony, Mara, Mulcahy, Perkin, Ryan, Vinn, Walsh

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