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Working Models

The images on these pages are Working Models in various stages of completion. they are formed from my own data. They may have flaws and omissions etc but they are out to a wider audience for scrutiny.

If you have any issue with the data, please write and discuss it. None of these charts are set in concrete!

Cappaghwhite, Tipperary, IRL (north of Tipperary Town  GPS: 52.581895 -8.165367 )

One of three parishes with over one hundred Crowe 'couples' in the records. Clonoulty and Sologhead are the others) Crowes here were a division of the Crowes in Clonoulty when they moved out of Clare according to repeated oral traditions.

Cappaghwhite 1

cw 1

Bourke, Doyle, Dwyer, FitzGerald, Grady, Hays, Keogh, Laffan, Magrath, Poor, Quinlan, Ryan

Cappaghwhite 3  Richard Crowe

This tree has a very experienced and approachable researcher called Richard Crowe.He has a far more extensive tree than I have here and would love to make contact with any researchers or relatives.

We have no direct DNA match but do have intermediary / joint matches

richard crowe zz

Bourke, Brien, Connell, Cummins, Daly, Dwyer, Gorman, Harty, Hays, Luby / Looby, Marnane, Power, Ryan  Note,the Marnane name is also linked with Crowe in Limerick and they were a family of animal dealers and Victualers, from Clare originally.

Cappaghwhite 4     Another Tim Crowe

The name Tim Crowe is not so commonly found in Tipperary so this tree is of some interest to me. Also, his son's name, Laurence - an even more rare occurrence and also relevant to me.

cw 4

Bourke, Butler, Dawson, Hannigan, Hayes, Maher, Ryan, Tuohy

Cappaghwhite 5     Hammersley Link

cw 5

Dwyer, Hamnersley, Neil, Morrissey

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